While we've all heard that various brows complement different face shapes, what about using your brows to make yourself look younger?

Beautifully shaped brows are a quick, non-invasive method to go back in time. A brow makeover gives you unrivaled confidence.

Don't think thin: the bold brow craze is about much more than just enjoying the way they look. Thick, angular brows are an indication of youth.

Keep an eye on the gap: If your brows are too widely apart, the width and length of your nose will appear greater.

Shortening gorgeous, long brows is a sin! Leave the length alone unless the tails of your brows are too far down!

Your brows should be crisp and streamlined towards the end. A brow with a thick, abrupt end will appear overly heavy on the face.

If you have lighter brow hairs or greys, getting your brows colored is a terrific way to add color and definition to your brows.

If you have thin or low brows and don't want to use brow filler every day, consider cosmetic eyebrow tattooing.

If you're unsure about the optimal form for your brows, have them shaped by a professional. You can contact Bare Necessity to get your First Appointment