It is a new, revolutionary beauty treatment that has grown in popularity for reproducing the popular look of thick brows.

Brow lamination is ideal for those who want to get a 'brushed-up' look but are unable to do so because their brow hair is too straight or fine.

The brow lamination procedure itself is quick, lasting only about 15-20 minutes. In a salon, some can take 30-40 minutes.

To guarantee that all Brow Lamination solutions target the brow from the root to the tip, your technician will arrange brows in an upward posture using Brow Fix.

Put cream causes a chemical reaction that breaks down the connections in each hair, allowing it to be manipulated into a different form.

This approach fixes the hair's new location. Depending on the condition of the hair, the solution is left on the brows for a certain amount of time.

Brows can be colored to add colour to the brows and to enhance the outcomes of the treatment. Though it is optional.

All traces of the aforementioned products are erased from the brows. Brow Nourish is used to moisturize and condition the hair on the brows.

Your brow expert will conduct a comprehensive consultation with you, including brow mapping, to determine your ideal brow style.