Title Redness. Hair ingrown. Strips that hurt. Waxing is without a doubt the most painful of aesthetic treatments, especially in the summer.

Thankfully, we have pain-free waxing techniques to help you deal with the stress of waxing, whether you do it yourself or visit an esthetician.

It is critical to do your research and locate someone with experience who will take the appropriate precautions to reduce pain throughout the process.

Because your pain threshold is higher a few days after your period, plan appropriately. However, everyone's sensitivity level varies slightly.

When it comes to pain relief, hydration is essential, so drink up! " When you moisturize the outside of your skin and consume lots of water,

Before waxing, stay away from alcohol. Alcohol actually constricts your pores. A clogged pore will cling to the follicle "increasing the difficulty of waxing

Exfoliate before waxing to remove dead skin from surrounding the hair follicle "Green claims This aids in the prevention of pimples and ingrown hairs.

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