The forms of the eyebrows are crucial. The right brows may quickly brighten your face. Click up to learn more.

Best Eyebrow Shape for Round Faces: The best eyebrow shape for round faces is a high arch because it will aid to elongate the face.

Best Eyebrow Shape for Square Faces:  You should raise your brows with delicate arches and give them an indeterminate overall finish.

Best Eyebrow Shape for Rectangle Faces: Soft and slightly more curved arches will help soften the jawline also

Best Eyebrow Shape for Triangle Faces: Keep the brows' arches low and curved; do not taper their downward-facing tails.

Best Eyebrows for Heart Shaped Faces: A soft, rounded arch and straighter brows are great to assist balance the chin.

Best Brows for Faces with a Diamond Shape: Avoid overly pronounced brows as they might seem harsh on certain facial shapes.

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