Brow lamination is a relatively painless and noninvasive brow surgery that straightens brow hair to shift its direction.

Some people may try laminated brows to correct particular brow abnormalities, such as naturally thin brows.

To obtain a specific arch shape, eyebrow lamination can be used instead of microblading, eyebrow gels, or other styling treatments.

The technique is often non-invasive and painless. It can also provide a natural appearance. That is why people select this.

People with naturally thin, wavy, or unruly hair that grows in all directions may benefit from brow lamination.

The results of laminated brows last 6-8 weeks on average. Laminated hair grows out naturally in the same way that brows do.

Moisturizing and conditioning the brows on a regular basis can help to extend treatment effects and keep them healthy.

Eyebrow lamination strengthens and lifts the hairs, allowing a provider to reshape them and give them a thicker appearance without the use of tattoos.

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