Read this guide to learn all the waxing aftercare dos and don'ts that can protect your skin if you're wondering how to take care of your skin after waxing.

To prevent unwanted chafing and irritations in the days after your wax, wear loose-fitting blouses and dresses.

After getting waxed, wait a week or two before using any exfoliating products once more. Exfoliating might assist to open up your pores prior to waxing.

Your skin can be kept irritation-free by avoiding all lotions, soaps, and sprays with artificial fragrances or colors.

Warm bath water might irritate your post-wax skin and increase your risk of getting an infection. So avoid using warm water.

Avoid using hot water in your post-wax showers and instead use lukewarm otherwise it will irritate your sikin

You should stay out of the sun to prevent severe post-wax burns and pore-clogging irritation. When you apply a spray tan

 Extreme exercise should be avoided after waxing since perspiration might irritate the skin and lead to infection.