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Waxing doesn’t have to be a chore. Sure, unwanted hair can be annoying, but getting rid of it should never be painful, embarrassing, or uncomfortable. That’s why we use our proprietary blend of hard wax that’s applied at low temperatures and forms a tight grip around even the tiniest, most stubborn hairs. As a result, our waxing Tucson services are gentler on the skin and more comfortable for you—even when we’re waxing those particularly sensitive areas. After every wax, we apply soothing aftercare products that will soften and nourish your skin, so you can leave feeling confident and ready to get right back to your routine. Experience flawless results with our spa & waxing services.

Types of Waxing services offered at Bare Necessity Wax & Spa


Brazilian Waxing

$58/15-30 minutes

Take it all off from front to back with Brazilian wax! Go totally smooth or make it your own with a strip, triangle, or square in the front. And explore the benefits of Brazilian wax!

Full Bikini Waxing

$48/15-30 minutes

A full bikini waxing involves taking off everything in the front, but none in the back. Just like a Brazilian, it’s yours to customize with a signature touch, or you can go completely smooth if that’s your style!

Bikini Line Waxing

$38/15 minutes

Think of bikini line waxing like a quick cleanup—it’s just on the top and sides so you feel neat and tidy along the underwear line. This one is also perfect for beginners if you’ve never had a bikini area wax before.

Just the Cheeks

$30/15 minutes

A little hair on the cheeks is nothing to be ashamed of, but you may want that extra smooth touch on your derriere. A butt cheek wax covers the whole bum—perfect if you prefer a thong or string bikini. This wax isn’t just for the ladies either! Anyone who wants that extra smoothness can enjoy this treatment.

Add a Hydrojelly Mask to Your Brazilian

$25/15 minutes

Hydrojelly quickly soothes and cools the skin, making it the perfect follow-up to your Brazilian wax. This liquid jelly is gentle enough to apply anywhere on the body, so it’s an amazing finish to those intimate waxing services.


Skip the fussy hair removal creams and put down those tweezers! Our facial waxing services will help get rid of unwanted hair growth on areas like the chin and upper lip waxing. We can also help shape and contour the brows for that perfectly polished look.

Full Face

$55/30 minutes

Some ladies aren’t blessed with feather-light, pale-colored hair on their faces. A full facial waxing can smooth out and soften your skin. This service includes brow shaping, upper lip, chin, jawline, cheek/sideburns, forehead, and nose waxing (inside and outside the nose).

Brow Shaping

$22/15 minutes

Whether you like them big and bold or thin and defined, we can shape and perfect your brows to complement your natural features.


$10/15 minutes

Just a quick swipe down the middle to separate the brows. It’s a Perfect eyebrow wax for the ladies or the fellas!


$15/15 minutes


$15/15 minutes


$15/15 minutes


$13/15 minutes


Sick of wasting endless time and money on shaving? Go for a wax instead! Body waxing can address areas where shaving just isn’t practical or cut time in your routine for areas like the legs and underarms. Plus, the results are much longer-lasting without that rough, blunted stubble.

Underarm waxing

$Underarm hair tends to grow back quickly, leaving behind dark patches when shaved. If the underarms are waxed, you won’t have to worry about dark underarms or stubble for weeks.

$22/15 minutes

Legs waxing

Enjoy ultimate smoothness with our professional leg waxing services, leaving your legs irresistibly silky and hair-free.

(First-Time discount does not apply)

Half: $45/30 minutes

Full: $75/45 minutes

Arms waxing

If you love the feeling of baby smooth arms up against silk bedsheets, our range of arms waxing can help you enjoy smooth silky skin. Arms waxing will help improve the way your arms look and at times also makes it easier to see the beautiful tattoos engraved on your hands.

Half: $33/15 minutes

Full: $46/30 minutes

Stomach waxing

Stomach waxing is perfect when you want to flaunt a smooth tummy.

Full: $28/15 minutes

Strip: $11/15 minutes

Chest waxing

If you don’t like hair growth around the chest area and would like to flaunt a smooth, shiny cleavage, you can opt for our range of chest waxing services.

Chest & Stomach (and shoulders): $56/45 minutes

Full Chest: $29/30 minutes

Chest Strip: $17/15 minutes

Back and shoulders waxing

If you are looking at intensive hair removal, we can help wax the whole back, including the shoulders. We also offer full back waxing services without the shoulders, or can specifically concentrate only on the waxing of the lower back.

Shoulders: $22/15 minutes

Full Back (includes shoulders): $57/30 minutes

Lower Back: $27/30 minutes

Back of Neck: $15/15 minutes

Have questions? No problem! Give us a call for more information on our waxing procedure and to understand the waxing benefits, schedule an in-person consultation or book your next Waxing Tucson appointment online.

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To enjoy smooth, soft skin waxing should be done regularly. The timeline to go for a waxing appointment depends on the body area to be waxed. Legs need to be waxed every 3 to 5 weeks. Whereas facial waxing, bikini waxing, and underarm waxing need to be done every 2 to 3 weeks.


The hair length should be at least 1/4-inch long (the size of a rice grain) before you go for a wax appointment. This length helps ensure that the hair is completely pulled out from the root, allowing you to enjoy silky smooth skin.


Waxing removes the hair from the roots, making it harder to grow back soon, keeping the skin smooth and soft for a longer time. The new hair that comes post-waxing session is less coarse and thick. Shaving can cause ingrown hair and cause dry skin. Shaving can cause cuts on the skin.


Waxing regularly reduces hair growth and also changes the texture of the hair with time. Waxing pulls the hair from the roots, causing damage to the hair follicles, and resulting in the thinning of hair.


Hard wax is applied directly to the skin and is removed without using any strips/papers. Hard wax is considered to be gentler as compared to soft wax. It gives quick results and is not messy to use like soft wax. Hard wax tends to have fewer instances of bruising, redness, etc.