Why You Need a Brazilian Wax from Bare Necessity

Why You Need a Brazilian Wax from Bare Necessity

You’ve probably heard about Brazilian waxes before, but maybe you’re still not sure what all the hype is about. Brazilian waxes are great because they leave you feeling smooth and silky for weeks after getting one—and that’s just one part of why you need them.

In this blog post, we’ll go over what Brazilian waxing is, the difference between Brazilian and bikini waxing, the benefits, and even the aftercare that you can do after waxing.

What is a Brazilian Wax?

Brazilian wax is one of the most popular waxing treatments for your pubic area because it leaves nothing behind but smooth skin. It removes all of your hair down there, front and back, with just one strip of fabric. It applies to both men and women, but women are the ones who commonly request a waxing appointment. It has become standard practice in many spas and salons because of its popularity with clients who want to look good in their swimsuits this summer or who are going on a date (or both).

It’s also an excellent choice if you have sensitive skin on your bikini line—the waxing process takes off the dead skin cells along with the hair follicles, so when those cells regenerate, they’ll do so without causing any pain or discomfort for you. Brazilian waxes are typically performed in a salon by professionals who have been trained in their safety and application. The process usually takes about 15-30 minutes, depending on how much hair needs to be removed.

Is Brazilian Wax Just Pubic Hair Removal?

Brazilian waxes are not just about the hair. They’re about more than that. It is true that Brazilian wax removes unwanted hair from the pubic area, but it can also be used to treat ingrown hairs and skin infections. The process of removing hair from the root is called epilation, and it can be used to treat ingrown hairs, which are caused by a build-up of dead cells under the skin. The purpose of Brazilian waxing is to not only have a comfortable waxing experience but also make sure you get a clean look with no stray hairs in sight.

What’s the Difference Between a Brazilian Wax and a Bikini Wax?

Both are pretty similar in terms of what they remove: hair on or around your bikini line. The main difference lies in how they remove that hair. A Brazilian wax removes all of the hair from your front and sides while leaving some hair on the back. A bikini wax removes all of the hair from your front, sides, and back, but leaves a small strip at the top of your bikini bottom.

What to Expect During Brazilian Waxes

Brazilian waxes are an increasingly popular beauty treatment, but they can be scary if you’ve never tried one. Here’s what to expect during a Brazilian wax:

Your technician will apply a wax solution to your skin with a spatula and spread it thinly over the area to be treated on your body, including around your genitals. This helps to soften the hair so that it can be removed more easily during the waxing. They may also use a spray bottle filled with cold water as another form of cooling relief during the waxing (depending on your skin sensitivity).

When the wax is ready for removal, your technician will apply pressure with a cloth strip against a small area of your skin for about 15 seconds before pulling it off quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. If there are any hairs left behind after this, they’ll pull them out manually before applying another strip over the top of previous layers to ensure full removal from both sides. Your technician will then use a coloring agent to mask any skin discoloration (like redness or inflammation) left behind by the wax, which helps it heal faster and prevents ingrown hairs from forming. Finally, they’ll apply cortisone cream to soothe your freshly-waxed skin to prevent irritation!

Does Brazilian Waxing Hurt?

You might be wondering: does Brazilian waxing hurt? The answer is yes and no. On the one hand, it can be painful if done incorrectly or by an inexperienced esthetician; on the other hand, if you go to an experienced professional with a good technique and take the proper precautions before and after your appointment, there shouldn’t be much discomfort involved.

The experience also depends on your pain tolerance. If you have a high pain tolerance then the session will be less painful. On the other hand, if you have low pain tolerance, the session will possibly cause you more discomfort.

Types of Waxes

In a waxing appointment, there are two types of waxes used during the session. Hard wax and soft wax.

  • Hard Wax – It’s generally considered better because it’s less painful, doesn’t adhere to the skin as firmly, and is thus less likely to cause irritation or inflammation.
  • Soft Wax – It’s a bit more painful compared to hard wax, but it’s also quite effective when removing shorter hairs.

Benefits of Brazilian Waxing

Brazilian wax gets rid of all the hair on your pelvic area, leaving you feeling smooth and lovely. But did you know that getting Brazilian wax also has other benefits?

Here are some of the amazing benefits that you can get from Brazilian wax:

  • A Brazilian wax makes it easier for you to shave or trim the hair in this area later on because the root is removed during the procedure.
  • Removing all the hair in your pelvic area can help prevent ingrown hairs and infections and also exfoliate the skin.
  • A Brazilian wax makes it easier for you to maintain your bikini line because it gets rid of all the hair from that area as well. This is especially helpful if you have darker skin tones, since shaving may leave behind small patches of light-colored hair.
  • It’s easier to keep your bikini line looking good after one of these procedures than it is to shave every few days.
  • It feels great to be smooth down there!

Brazilian Waxing Aftercare

You’ve just had a Brazilian wax. Congratulations! You’re on your way to smooth, sexy skin and the freedom to wear whatever swimsuit you want. But before you go running out into public, there’s some aftercare information you need to know.

Here are a few things you can do after getting waxed:

  • Take an ice bath or sit in a cool tub for 10 minutes after getting waxed. This helps soothe any pain and swelling in the area.
  • Use coconut oil daily for up to two weeks following your waxing treatment.
  • Apply aloe vera after your waxing treatment. It also has antibiotic properties that can help kill off any bacteria in your pores and prevent them from getting infected.

Get Brazilian Waxing Services from Professionals

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