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Best Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent eyeliner is the placement of specialized pigment into the upper layer of the skin creating long-lasting eyeliner. With proper application, the treatment is safe and virtually pain free for eyeliner that will make your eyes “pop” and look amazing!

Bare Necessity provides consultations and permanent eyeliner (also called eyeliner tattoo) for the upper-eyelid, lower-eyelid and for both of them together.

Importance of Permanent Eyeliner

Your face is the most important part of you. Now is the time to look your very best all the time!

Your eyes are the first feature people look at. As we make eye contact with other people, our eyes communicate in ways that our words cannot. Your eyeliner serves as window dressing to your eyes by enhancing your natural beauty.

Eyeliner is a mark of beauty in many cultures throughout the world. Eyeliner was first used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a dark black line around the eyes. As early as 10,000 BC, Egyptians and Mo wore various cosmetics including eyeliner not only for esthetics but to protect the skin from the desert sun. Research has also speculated that eyeliner was worn to protect the wearer from the evil eye. The characteristic of having heavily lined eyes has been frequently depicted in ancient Egyptian art.

In the 1920s, Tutankhamun’s tomb was discovered, introducing the use of eye liner to the Western world. The 1920s were an era commonly associated with many changes in women’s fashion, and women felt freer to apply make-up more liberally.

Eyeliner is now commonly used in a daily make-up routine to draw attention to the eye (make them pop!) and emphasize the shape of the eye by framing the eyelid, accentuating the lash line, and fill in sparse looking lashes. Eyeliner can be placed in various parts of the eye to create different looks. Eyeliner can be added above upper lashes or below lower lashes or both.

No eye makeup is complete without eyeliner. This is a vital feature of your eyes which makes it more elegant and attractive. For women with small eyes, eyeliner is mandatory, a must-have. Eyeliner redefines your eyes and makes them appear glamorous.


Permanent Eyeliner Gilbert

Do you have difficulty applying your eyeliner? Does it take you a long time, and when you finally complete it does it look even?

There are many reasons why eyeliner can look horrible, consume a lot of time, and require purchasing of expensive products. Which one of these have you experienced?

  • Eyeliner is too thick, or too thin
  • Eyeliner is not straight, is uneven or not symmetrical
  • Eyeliner is not spread as smoothly or thickly as you desire
  • Eyeliner smudges
  • Eyeliner doesn’t stay or last long enough – it travels down your face a few hours after you’ve applied it
  • There’s a gap between your lashes and your liner
  • Eyeliner is transferring onto your eyelid (especially common in women with monolids)
  • You’re curling your lashes after you’ve already applied your liner, and your liner smudges
  • You’re pulling your eyelid out to apply liner. This can contribute to wrinkles over time.
  • You’re not removing all your eye makeup properly so you are not able to start with a fresh ‘canvas’ when you next apply your makeup.
  • Do you have dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes, or wear contact lenses? Eyeliner can affect these conditions.

Also consider the unsanitary nature of applying eyeliner and the potential to cause infection. For example:

  • Do you throw away your eye makeup after 3 months as recommended?
  • Do you check your makeup ingredients for harmful ingredients before you purchase them as recommended?

The first study of its kind was completed and the findings were released April 1, 2015. Dr. Alison Ng, at the Centre for Contact Lens Research at Waterloo, directed the study when she was at Cardiff University in Wales. The team’s results appear in Eye and Contact Lens Science and Clinical Practice, the official peer-reviewed journal of the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists.

People who apply eyeliner on the inner eyelid run the risk of contaminating the eye and causing vision problems including infection, according to research. This is the first study to prove that particles from pencil eyeliner move into the eye.

Why should you consider permanent eyeliner? There are many reasons to consider permanent eyeliner, such as:

  • Eyeliner is always the correct thickness
  • Eyeliner is always straight, even and symmetrical
  • Eyeliner is always spread as smoothly and thickly as you desire
  • Eyeliner never smudges
  • Eyeliner is always present and looks glamorous
  • There is never a gap between your lashes and your eyeliner
  • Always enjoy eyeliner without affecting your dry eye syndrome or sensitive eyes, or contact lenses
  • Eyeliner never transfers where you don’t want it
  • Never pull your eyelid to apply eyeliner, reducing risk of wrinkles over time.
  • Never purchase eyeliner and discard after 3 months, as recommended
  • Never purchase eyeliner and never look for harmful ingredients
  • Never remove your eyeliner with harsh chemicals again, and always have clean, fresh eyelids

Also, some people have medical conditions that prevent them from growing eye lashes. People with the following conditions may benefit from permanent eyeliner:

  • Trichotillomania Tangle
  • Thyroid Condition
  • Alopecia Areata
  • Blepharitis
  • Chemotherapy
  • Natural Eyelash Loss
  • Chemical Allergy to Mascara
  • Poor motor skills due to Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or stroke survivors

Look your best, save time, reduce stress, and live gracefully glamorous all day, every day.

Call Bare Necessity to schedule your appointment today and get your permanent eyeliner!


There are so many reasons to get permanent eyeliner and they can be summarized by you waking up looking beautiful, feeling confident and with a lower-maintenance beauty routine. Look your best, save time, reduce stress, and live gracefully glamorous all day, every day.

Applying permanent eyeliner is a highly technical and skilled procedure. A bad eyeliner treatment can be painful and look undesirable permanently. Bare Necessity uses a combination of the highest-quality, premium supplies matched with the most current education from thought leaders in the industry, great skill and the desire to give you the highest level of confidence and beauty. Enhance your natural beauty and feel more confident with permanent eyeliner from Bare Necessity.

The application process is very relaxing – like receiving a spa service. We sketch the eyeliner onto your face to achieve your desired look that is uniquely you. This is the longest and most important step in the process. Permanent eyeliner is not a rushed procedure, a meticulous approach is required and as a customer you should desire and expect this. Once confirmed we apply a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. You lie down on a plush, premium, top-of-the line, massage table and have your eyes closed the entire time. We use a specialized tool and technique to implant the pigment into the skin. Expect the permanent eyeliner application to be virtually painless and take approximately 1 hour.

While the common term used is “permanent”, realize that all pigment fades and that is just a fact. All permanent makeup fades due to the exfoliation process, this is the process of the epidermis continually shedding and regenerating itself. For most people, permanent eyeliner will last for years, and for some it may need to be touched-up annually. There are many marketing terms out there like “cosmetic tattooing”, “permanent makeup”, “semi-permanent makeup”, “micro-pigmentation”, “dermapigmentation”, etc. and they all mean the same thing.

Bare Necessity is dedicated to using the highest-quality, premium supplies available to assure you of the best, longest-lasting results. Keep in mind that pigment and ink are different. Pigment is specifically designed for your face, is primarily used in permanent makeup and you want to use pigment so that your results look natural. In this specific situation permanent eyeliner and permanent eyeliner tattoo are not the same – if they use tattoo ink rather than pigment, and you want to use pigment for a natural, powdery finish.

Yes. Bare Necessity meets or exceeds the strict sanitation and sterilization guidelines followed by medical professionals, and are in accordance with the Arizona Division of Occupational Safety and Health (ADOSH) Bloodborne Pathogens guidelines as well as the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). At Bare Necessity, all supplies are 100% disposable and are properly disposed of after each client to ensure your safety.